Not all of us can be professional artists. But then again, not all of us want to be! For some art is our hobby – a passion that brightens up our free time. The lack of pressure allows us to be creative in any way we see fit. But that freedom also comes with its own problems… we get distracted, run out of time, lose direction or motivation. That’s where The Everyday Residency steps in.

You may have heard of artists residencies before – taking time away from your obligations to reflect, research and create. Sounds great, right? Except if you’re like me you can’t just drop everything and go, but what you do have is at least a few minutes spare every day.

The Everyday Residency takes those minutes and turns them into your own private art retreat, giving you little tasks to complete that over time combine to form bigger projects – allowing you to focus on your art in spite of life’s nasty distractions and providing the framework to develop your own style, reflect on your work and create something uniquely yours.

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