Repeat, repeat, repeat. If ever you stumble across something creative that works for you, make sure you go back and do it again. Explore it, play with it, figure out why it works for you and see if you can push it further.

When I first created the multiple exposures I talked about in the previous post I was working solely in pencil. In fact, I was teaching a course on the relationship between DRAWING and photography, not painting and photography. The images were beautiful, but I needed them to be able to sit next to a drawing and communicate clearly the relationship I was describing.

The solution was simple really, take the photos with black and white film. A logical step, without too much effort, that would tie everything nicely together.

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As it happened, the resulting images worked better than I’d thought. Suddenly the photos were all about line and tone, the relationship to drawing was obvious. And I’d managed to develop my work further with hardly any effort at all.

If you ever have an idea about how to take your work further, just try it. No matter how small or silly that idea is. I’m a strong believer in learning through doing, and an even bigger believer in the importance of play. Mess around with your art, pull it apart, try new things with it. The best way to develop as an artist is by being brave, that way your art might just get a chance to surprise you.

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