Camino Sketchbook Review

In September this year I managed to temporarily escape daily life and fulfil one of my dreams – walking the Camino de Santiago. But being a creative sort, just walking across a country in 40 days wasn’t enough. I set myself the challenge of documenting my journey in a little watercolour sketchbook.

I’ve always used sketchbooks to document my daily life and they usually end up a messy hodgepodge of ideas. But by sticking to one theme, and using just a few minutes every day to document my experience, I created something that surprised me.

I adore this sketchbook, not just for the drawings but for what it represents: achieving my dreams, completing little goals, growing and developing. I’ve always wanted my sketchbooks to be beautiful finished products, and my normal mindset would have had me chucking away the first few pages as soon as they were drawn (I’ll admit I’ve been guilty of selectively ripping pages out of sketchbooks before!), but by taking that pressure off of myself and letting the sketchbook be what it should be -a messy collection of scribbles- I managed to create my most beautiful and treasured sketchbook yet.

67 thoughts on “Camino Sketchbook Review

  1. psychologyofarchitecture says:

    That’s amazing. Especially the fact tha you managed to do those sketches in a matter of minutes. Your observational ability must be well developed. That’s similar to what i will make in the future, since I am studying to become an architect. Check out my blog if you are interested! 🙂

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  2. Ritavarz says:

    I’m from Spain and I did El Camino de Santiago myself last summer. I find this SKETCHBOOK to be one of the most amazing things I’ve seen. I think you really created there a beautiful memory of your jorney, I’d love to have it myself! It’s absolutly wonderful!

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  3. healingpilgrim says:

    Loved watching you flip through your sketchbook! It brought back memories of my own Camino just a few years ago… from Pamplona all the way to Muxia actually. Truth be told, I loved the walking, the villages, the sights, nature, and so much more that I resisted turning back 😉

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  4. indiebodies says:

    El Camino de Santiago is one of the things I KNOW I will do at some point in my life. The sketchbook is delightful and it must have taken you quite a while to finish (I don’t draw, so for me it looks like big project). Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the video. thank you 🙂

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  5. Miller Wilbourn says:

    This is such a cool way to record your camino–your sketches and words bring me back to my own trip in September. I only wish that I had the talent to capture the daily visions and pains of my pilgrimage so beautifully on paper.

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